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Student Printing Policy

Policy Statement

  1. This policy is applied to the entire Student of UCTS, Sarawak, Malaysia.
  2. User is responsible for their printing credit account. ICT Department will not hold any responsible if anyone else is using your printing account. In order to ensure that no one steals your printing credit, logoff from the PC if you’re not using it.

Responsibility Of Your Printer Account/Credit

Printing Charges

User print in the computer laboratories or other places specified for student:

  1. Black and White printing – RM0.10
  2. Colour printing – RM1.50

Printing Credit Top-Up

1. User can top-up their printing credit at the Library during office hours, Mon-Fri:

  • 9.00 am – 4.00 pm. (Effective date: 10th March 2014)
  • Minimum Top-Up is RM 10 (Effective date: 10th March 2014)

2. After each user top-up their account, the new amount will be only be updated within the minimum of ONE hour time, during office hours.

3. User must acquire receipt from the Admin Counter every time after each top-up transaction.


1. User can refund their print credit if the printout is unreadable, printout wrinkle or printing queue goes down.

2. User needs these items before making any refund:

  • User must bring their Student ID
  • User must bring the unreadable or wrinkled printout to the Helpdesk.
  • User must inform the Helpdesk the name of the document they tried to print and its pages.
  • User must inform the Helpdesk which printer or its location they print it to.
  • Once the Helpdesk personnel verify the user documents name and other information with the one in our system, only then the user’s print credit will be refunded. ICT Department has the rights to reject the refund request if there is any anomaly between the info given by the user and the info in the system.

3. ICT Department will not refund any printout that caused by the user’s error or Carelessness or non-printer error.

4. ICT Department will not refund any printing balance for the purpose of student withdrawal, graduated, terminated etc. Student can sell their print balance to other user. Both users need to go to ICT Helpdesk and the transaction must be done there. 

This Policy can be subjected to changes in the details of implementation at the discretion of the university.

Implementation And Non-compliance

1. The Manager of Information Technology Department holds the responsibility for the implementation of this policy and shall take necessary actions in the event of violation of this policy.

2. Alleged or suspected violations of the “Printing ” should  be  reported  to  the  Manager  of  the  Information  Technology  Department. Abuse of ICT privileges is subject to disciplinary action, which may include the loss of these privileges.

Maintenance Of Policy

The Information Technology Department is responsible for the formulation and maintenance of this policy.

Student email registration


3. You will be asked to change your password after you have successfully signed into your e-mail account for the first time.

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Microsoft account activation

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Login using following format:

<Your student ID> (for student) and <Your username> (for staff) email

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The new password must consist of of the following types: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols

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